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Meet Jeanie, Curtis, & The Team


We are an Alaskan owned and operated gourmet confections shop.  We are the only certified  glacier water taffy confectioners in the world! 


We delight in making the best confections every day, both the traditional favorites and new creations; each day is a new adventure.


We make confections, but we create smiles!


Choose from our gourmet taffy, delicate barks and brittles, world class fudge, mouth-watering white chocolate covered popcorns and delicious savory flavored popcorns. 


Create extra sweet memories with gift baskets for all occasions.  We can customize products for birthdays, weddings, and special events. 


Whatever the occasion, Alaskan Sweet Thing's looks forward to meeting your sweet cravings! 


Indulge your senses today!   

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